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These web pages are designed to help you find the land for your dream home. Finding your dream lot is no easy task and can be quite discouraging.  We have broken it down into what we think are your specific needs and can be quickly fitted to your desires.

The first thing is to recognize that LHC is almost out of property. This can be quickly proven by reviewing the information provided by Lake Havasuís Board of Realtors.  Explosive lot sales and a shortage of lots have driven the prices upward. Itís time now to go to the MARKET PLACE to get a deeper understanding and that will save you a great deal of time.  After going to the Market Place, return to this page and select one or more of the choices below.

Choose the size of the home and number of garages you wish to build. Each has its own problems. Your choice may be mixed, so take care.  These different divisions will explain where to look and what to look for during your search.

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1800 SF Home with 2-car garage   CLICK HERE

1800-2000 SF Home with 2-3+boat garage CLICK HERE

2000-2400 SF Home with 3-Car+RV garage CLICK HERE

2400-3000 SF Home with 3-4-Car-boat+RV garages     CLICK HERE

3000-4000 SF Home with 3-4-Car+boat+RV garage    CLICK HERE

See pictures of Lake View Lots   CLICK HERE

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